Berkeley Lab

2018 Safety Day: Mark Your Calendars for Tuesday, August 21

Organizing a computer room at Safety Day 2017
Reorganizing a computer room at Safety Day 2017
With safety as a top priority in the Physical Sciences Area, Safety Day is becoming an annual tradition. This all-hands, all-hazards, all-day event has a mission of “Clean Labs, Clean Shops, Clean Offices,” reflecting a primary emphasis on good housekeeping and identification of hazards in common areas, offices, labs, and shops.

Things that we can take care of immediately (and safely, staying within our skill sets) we will fix on the spot. Problems that are not feasible to fix immediately, and larger-scale suggestions that call for time and money and planning, will be officially noted and scheduled for later action. You can also dedicate part of the day to reviewing your WPC Activities or getting caught up on training.

We’ll be back in touch with further details and will post resources on our website. Meanwhile, please block out August 21 on your calendar and plan on being part of the communal investment in safe and efficient work environments.