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Vision, Mission, and Strategic Documents

Strategic Documents

Laser Technology for k-BELLA and Beyond (September 2017). The topic of the workshop, held at LBNL May 9-11, was near- and long-term technology prospects for ultrafast lasers that could operate in the multi-kW to even tens-of-kW average power range. Such laser performance is needed for k-BELLA, further stepping stones to a laser-plasma accelerator relevant to high-energy physics, and spinoff benefits en route.
The U.S. Magnet Development Program Plan (June 2016)
The U.S. Magnet Development Program is a multi-institutional partnership, coordinated by LBNL, to aggressively pursue the development of superconducting accelerator magnets that operate as closely as possible to the fundamental limits of superconducting materials and at the same time minimize or eliminate magnet training. Fermilab and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University are partners with us in the Magnet Development Program.

The program is focused on transformational magnet technologies. As a High Energy Physics-funded program, the primary focus is on magnets for accelerators, but the generic approach will develop magnet technologies that can be applied to a large variety of applications across the DOE Office of Science and beyond.

Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology Strategic Framework (April 2017)
The Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology (BCMT) serves LBNL and the larger DOE community as a full-spectrum resource for both R&D and schedule- and cost-driven, project-oriented production of advanced magnet systems.

The BCMT is an interdivisional organization managed jointly by ATAP and the Engineering Division. It integrates accelerator physicists and magnet researchers, magnet design engineers, and fabrication teams to foster rapid progress in the development and reliable delivery of new magnet technology.

Video: Overview of ATAP And Its Mission

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