Berkeley Lab

New State Department, DOE Policies on Foreign Travel

Are you planning foreign travel on Lab business? Familiarize yourself well ahead of time with these policies.

HTSOS and FACT Training: An Important Policy Change for Foreign Travel

As of calendar 2019, all Berkeley Lab employees must complete High Threat Security Overseas Seminar (HTSOS) or Foreign Affairs Counter-Threat (FACT) training before receiving travel approval.

HTSOS is an online training program applicable to all official foreign travel.

FACT is a 5-day, in-person practical course for those who will travel to any foreign countries for a cumulative total of more than 45 days in a calendar year. (This includes personal days attached to the official travel.)

FACT is a superset of HTSOS, so if you take FACT training, you do not need to also take HTSOS training.

2016 Security and Communication Requirements for France and Spain

this 17 August 2016 memo (effective immediately) on new security and communication requirements for travel to France and Spain; additional requirements for stays of more than 10 business days in France; and a variety of other general and destination-specific topics.

Foreign Travel And Cellphones

LBNL Telephone Services can give you help and advice on cost-effectively enabling your Lab cell phone for international use as required under these polices, and, if you do not travel internationally often, resetting that feature upon your return.