Berkeley Lab

Travel Reminders and Tips

It is the responsibility of each traveler to adhere to the LBNL Travel Policies, thus avoiding delays in reimbursement and unallowable expenditures. To learn more, please also explore the LBNL travel website,

For all domestic and foreign travel, use our designated travel agency (Carlson Wagonlit Travel & CALTravelStore). Airline reservations are obtained from CONCUR online booking tool or via Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) agency at 1 (888) 243-1125. at 1 (877) 454-8785. Do not use other travel agents or websites.

Travelers must obtain advance approval from their supervisor /Group Leader for all domestic and foreign travel to ensure funds are available. Please put “(travel approved by Supervisor)” in the “trip comments” box located in the upper right hand corner of the Travel Authorization (TA).

Please read “Know Before You Go” section on the Travel website to avoid unallowable expenditures.

When combining business travel and personal/vacation days, travelers are permitted to take one vacation day for every two days of official business conducted. The first and last day of travel are considered one business day each. Always contact Carlson Wagonlit Travel regarding any personal days while booking a business trip.

IMPORTANT Foreign Travel Info

  • All travelers must follow the Fly America Act – Use of US Carriers.
  • Travelers must receive approval from DOE via email notification from the Lab Travel Department prior to departure.
  • Travelers are responsible for notifying the Travel Department in advance of any itinerary changes prior to or during a trip. For foreign travel, the Travel Department will notify the U.S. Department of State and U.S. embassy/consulate.
  • The DOE tag number on any Laboratory equipment must be documented on the foreign Travel Authorization. This includes laptops.
  • Familiarize yourself well ahead of time with this 17 August 2016 memo (effective immediately and until further notice) on new security and communication requirements for travel to France and Spain; additional requirements for stays of more than 10 business days in France; and a variety of other general and destination-specific topics.

    LBNL Telephone Services can give you help and advice on cost-effectively enabling your Lab cell phone for international use as required under these polices, and, if you do not travel internationally often, resetting that feature upon your return.

Conference Travel (Whether Foreign or Domestic)

  • Travelers must submit conference travel requests to their group administrative assistant at the earliest possible date before the trip. The group Admin is responsible for submitting conference travel requests to LBNL’s Conference Services Department.
  • Travelers must not incur any costs before the conference attendance is reported and authorized by Conference Services.
  • The group Admin will notify travelers of event approval. This is a separate approval from the TREX DOE Foreign Travel approval.
  • Travelers must clearly state the purpose, presentation title and benefit to the program or Lab on the TA.

Expense Reports

  • Per Lab policy, travel expense reports must be submitted within 30 days after completion of trip. After 30 days, the expense report is considered delinquent.
  • For foreign travel, a copy of the final presentation must be attached, as a separate item with the Expense Report. If a presentation is not available, DOE will accept an abstract, or brief summary. Proprietary information can be deleted before submitting presentation.
  • Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) claims are made based on actual expenses.
  • Valid receipts include the Traveler’s name, date of transaction, paid or zero balance, and the last four digits of the credit card, or show method of payment (e.g., “cash $20”). The website has some examples.