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2019 ATAP, Engineering, and ALS-U Safety Day: Results and Benefits

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, the ATAP and Engineering Divisions and the ALS-U project held our Safety Day, an annual investment of about 0.4% of the work year in the benefits of clean and orderly labs, shops, and offices. This page summarizes the outcomes. Click here for the original Safety Day page that announced the event and provided resources for use during it.


During Safety Day, we performed cleanup and took care of problems that could be settled immediately within our capabilities. During the cleanup and the subsequent QUEST assessments and management walkthroughs, action items that required more time and resources or professional skills were tabulated.

With 16 QUEST teams and 12 management-walk around teams reporting in thus far, we have identified 223 action items, which will be formally tracked to resolution. The most common were seismic (77), electrical (26), and signage (21).

The cleanup generated:
7 bins of e-waste
6 bins of paper and cardboard
4 bins of scrap metal
3 machine carts, 1 pallet, and 1 bin of surplus equipment
2 bins of trash
3 chairs, 1 desk, 1 refrigerator, 1 microwave, and 1 space heater
And the best statistic of all—a testament to staying within our training and physical capabilities and using appropriate personal protective equipment:
0 injuries

Reminiscences and Resources

Getting Started

Below, left to right: A packed crowd in the Building 50 Auditorium began Safety Day with a welcome address by Asmita Patel, ATAP Deputy Division Director for Operations, followed by ATAP Director Thomas Schenkel, Engineering Division Director Henrik von der Lippe, ALS-U Project Director David Robin, and Environment, Health, & Safety Division Director Jack Salazar.

Clean Labs, Clean Shops, Clean Offices

A morning of hard work by all resulted in the efficiency and sense of pride that comes from clean, well organized workspaces. In the afternoon, QUEST Team inspections and management walkthroughs performed quality-assurance verification of the morning’s successes and gathered the action items that required further work or more resources.

Wildfire Seminar

California’s wildfire season, once a problem of late summer through fall, has expanded to nearly a year-round risk for Berkeley Lab and for many of us who live at the urban/wildlands interface, inspiring a lunchtime seminar at Safety Day.

In “Wildland Fire: Risk, Mitigation, and Preparedness,” Berkeley Lab Fire Marshall Todd LaBerge (above left) discussed the Lab’s plans for defending against and responding to wildlands fire. Nuclear Science Division’s Michael Johnson (center) presented “2017 Northern California Firestorm,” in which he discussed preparedness and personal experience in the Napa fires. In “Woolsey Fire: A Reflection,” Phillip Weiss (right) of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer shared what he learned about having and implementing a plan when visiting the Pepperdine campus when the Woolsey fire forced an intramural evacuation to the designated shelters. The links take you to their presentations so you can learn to prepare before, survive during, and recover after a fire or other disaster.