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2020 ATAP, Engineering, and ALS-U Safety Day: Thursday, April 2

Calendar image of April 2, circled and with a red pushpin
Safety Day is a successful annual tradition in the ATAP and Engineering Divisions and the ALS-U Project that reflects our top priority of safety. This all-hands, all-hazards, all-day event has a mission of “Clean Labs, Clean Shops, Clean Offices,” reflecting its emphasis on good housekeeping and identification of hazards in common areas, offices, labs, and shops.

Chemical hygiene will be a special focus this year, as will on-the-job training.

Detailed instructions, including a list of disposal / recycling locations, self-assessment (QUEST) team assignments and checklists, and management walkaround assignments and checklists, will be posted on this site. Meanwhile, please reserve Thursday, April 2 for this highly beneficial investment in the benefits of a safe and well organized workplace.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Thomas Schenkel,
Interim Director, Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division
Henrik von der Lippe, Director, Engineering Division David Robin, Director, ALS-U
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What Do We Do on Safety Day?

The whole day will be devoted to safety-related activities. A morning of workplace cleanups will be followed by workplace self-assessments and management walkthroughs. Here’s a look at what we accomplished in 2019.

Things that we can take care of immediately (and safely, staying within our skill sets and physical abilities) we will fix on the spot. Problems that are not feasible to fix immediately, and larger-scale suggestions that call for time and money and planning, will be officially noted and scheduled for later action. You can also dedicate part of the day to reviewing your WPC Activities or getting caught up on training.

Please block out April 2 on your calendar and plan on being part of this highly beneficial communal investment in safety. We look forward to seeing you there.


If you have any questions, please contact:
• ATAP: Pat Thomas,, 510-486-6098 or 510-599-5579
• Engineering: Herb Toor,, 510-486-5918
• ALS-U: David Rodgers,, 510-486-7675 or 510-289-9328

Safety Day Disposal Locations (where to put various items from your cleanup), updated 19 March 2019

Workplace Self-Assessment (QUEST) Team Assignments, revised Tuesday, 26 March

Management Walkaround Assignments, Tuesday, 26 March

Management Checklist, Wednesday, 27 March

Checklist for Labs, revised 11 March 2019

Checklist for Offices, revised 11 March 2019

Checklist for Shops, revised 11 March 2019