Berkeley Lab

2022 Publications

Indicating the collaborative nature of our work, many of these papers have a corresponding author outside LBNL. These are indicated with italics.


J. Qiang, “X-ray FEL linear accelerator design via start-to-end global optimization,” Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A 1027, 166294 (11 March 2022, available online 17 January 2022),

Invited talk without publication venue
Axel Huebl, “openPMD – Scientific, Community Meta-Data Standard,” LPA Online Workshop on Control Systems and Machine Learning, Working Group 5, “Big data storage, handling and access,” January 26, 2022, slides at

USPAS course
Remi Lehe, lead instructor, “Optimization and Machine Learning for Accelerators,” Online Winter 2022 Session, January 24-February 4, 2022.

BELLA Center

Jianhui Bin, Lieselotte Obst-Huebl, Jian-Hua Mao, Kei Nakamura (LBNL); Laura D. Geulig (now at LMU Munich); Hang Chang, Qing Ji, Li He (LBNL); Jared De Chant (now at Michigan State University); Zachary Kober, Anthony J. Gonsalves, Stepan Bulanov, Susan E. Celniker, Carl B. Schroeder, Cameron G.R. Geddes, Eric Esarey, Blake A. Simmons, Thomas Schenkel, Eleanor A. Blakely (LBNL); Sven Steinke (now at Marvel Gusion GmbH); Antoine M. Snijders (LBNL), “A new platform for ultra-high dose rate radiobiological research using the BELLA PW laser proton beamline,” Nature Scientific Reports 12, 1484 (27 January 2022),