Berkeley Lab

Operations Team by Function

Picture of Asmita Patel Deputy Division Director, Operations
Asmita Patel
510 486-7021
Picture of Martha Condon Division Senior Administrator
Property Management Point of Contact
Martha Condon
510 486-7135
Picture of Rafael Flores ATAP Administrative Assistant
Rafael Flores
Picture of Michele Harvey ATAP Administrative Assistant
Michele Harvey
Picture of Chris Georgiou Principal Resource Analyst
Chris Georgiou
510 495-2720
Stephanie Chan

Senior Resource Analyst
Stephanie Chan
Picture of Pat Thomas Division Safety Coordinator
Building Manager and Space Coordinator
Patricia Thomas
510 486-6098

Wes Tabler Administrative Assistant
Conference Travel Point of Contact
Wes Tabler
510 486-6710
Joe Chew Communications Coordinator
Joe Chew
510 486-5374 or 510 612-9116 (mobile)
Ina Reichel


Education, Outreach and Diversity Coordinator

Ina Reichel
510 486-4341
Picture of Rachel Carl Berkeley Lab Talent Manager
Rachel Carl
510 486-4904
Marcia Ocon Leimer HR Manager
Marcia Ocon Leimer
510 486-4904
Picture of Carolyn Charles Senior HR Division Partner
Carolyn Charles
510 486-6619

Rasool Yousufzai HR Recruiter
Mohammad Rasool

510 486-5277
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