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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA)

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A cycle of transforming awareness into action and accountability

In ATAP, we create a work environment of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA) that fosters and celebrates a diverse workforce that values the contributions of all employees. Our goal is to practice IDEA principles that create a culture of inclusion that empowers people and attracts and engages with the brightest minds to advance Berkeley Lab’s scientific breakthroughs and groundbreaking innovations and the Lab’s vision and mission.

ATAP has moved purposefully towards a more diverse and equitable workplace in the last few years by creating awareness of IDEA principles and increasing actions that foster accountability. Three key activities—raising awareness, growing activities, and increasing accountability—are the core of ATAP’s IDEA strategy and will continue to grow and evolve.

To advance our strategy, we created the ATAP IDEA Committee.

ATAP IDEA Committee

The IDEA Committee meets monthly to develop innovative efforts that help embed IDEA principles and practices in our actions and activities. The committee helps support a workforce that reflects and embraces diversity of gender, race, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, and religious, political, and cultural views.
The committee’s objectives are:
•  Participate in Berkeley Lab’s IDEA Office initiatives in support of the Lab’s strategic IDEA goals
•  Propose and develop initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion
•  Increase the pipelines for women, minorities, and underrepresented minorities (URMS)
•  Increase active participation in IDEA initiatives and ERGs
•  Increase actions and accountability of IDEA principles

Committee Members

Cameron Geddes, ATAP Division Director

Cameron Geddes

Head shot of Asmita Patel in front of historically significant Chart of the Nuclides

Asmita Patel

Ina Reichel

Ina Reichel

Head shot of Carl Schroeder

Carl Schroeder

Head shot of Christian Messe

Christian Messe

Head shot of Wes Tabler

Wes Tabler

Michele Pixa

Michele Pixa

Head shot of Carl Williams

Carl Williams

Head shot of Joe Chew

Joe Chew

Picture of Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas

Head shot of Arun Persaud in lab

Arun Persaud

Head shot of Thorsten Hellert

Thorsten Hellert

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The Physical Sciences Area Workplace Life Committee also works in many IDEA and IDEA-adjacent areas.