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Partnering and Technology Transfer

Arrangements for collaborative work, after your initial contact with the scientists and engineers involved, can be made with the help of the LBNL Innovation and Partnership Office. They also handle the licensing of existing technologies and are familiar with the LBNL portfolio of tools and techniques that you can put to work.

You may also be interested in the LBNL Accelerator Facilities and Capabilities portfolio website, which describes accelerators within ATAP and other divisions at LBNL where users can get beamtime, as well as related R&D strengths in ATAP and elsewhere.

BELLA Center
Driving advancement in laser-plasma accelerators

The Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center focuses on the development and application of laser-plasma accelerators (LPAs). LPAs produce ultrahigh accelerating fields (1-100 GV/m) and may provide a compact technology for a variety of applications. The long-term goal is accelerators for high-energy physics, but we are exploring many near-term goals and spinoff applications in nuclear security, compact future light sources, ion acceleration, and medical accelerators. Laser beams will be made available to qualified visiting users through the LaserNetUS initiative. More…

Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology
Coordinated expertise from mesoscale to magnet
The Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology offers capabilities that are vertically integrated from the underlying materials science up through magnet design, fabrication, and testing, and applies them broadly to permanent magnet arrays, normal- and superconducting electromagnets, pulsed specialty magnets, and hybrid designs. Lattice magnets for high-energy colliders, as well as undulators for synchrotron light sources and free-electron lasers, are among their specialties. Spinoffs of our technologies have benefitted many fields. More…
An arena for “the X Games of contemporary science”


Originating in the quest for inertial fusion energy, ATAP’s Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment-II, a heavy-ion induction linac, is the site of a user program in the warm, dense matter regime of high energy density physics with laboratory plasmas (HEDP-LP). NDCX-II provides 1-ns, 50 nC/bunch, 1.25 MeV beams of lithium ions at 1 pulse every 30 seconds. NDCX-II also offers intriguing possibilities for the emerging DOE priority of mesoscale science — particularly the use of ion beams to probe defects in materials. More…

Ion Beam Technology Program
Creating and applying of ion beams and plasmas
Applications of our capabilities are remarkably wide-ranging: detecting explosives and nuclear materials with neutron and gamma-ray generators, coating surfaces with hard protective films, making nanodevices and quantum computing, and cancer treatment are just a few present or recent examples. We play a role in developing enabling technologies for quantum information systems, an emerging focus across Berkeley lab. We actively seek opportunities to apply these skills for transformational impact in critical areas for DOE, other agencies, and high-technology industries. More…

Further Capabilities

How may we be of service?

Contact: Jean-Luc Vay,, head of the Accelerator Modeling Program and coordinator of BLAST (Berkeley Lab Accelerator Simulation Toolkit) and CAMPA (Consortium for Advanced Modeling of Particle Accelerators), 510-486-4934.
Accelerator Systems
Contact: Derun Li,, head of the Berkeley Accelerator Controls and Instrumentation Program, 510-486-6329.
Free-Electron Lasers
Contact:Fernando Sannibale, program head for FEL R&D and the Advanced Photoelectron Experiment, 510-486-5228.
Patientpositioner_74x90y Medical Accelerators and Related Technologies
Contact: David Robin,, 510-486-6028.
CGRsecurity_72x90y Security and Nonproliferation
Contact: John Valentine,, the LBNL Homeland Security Coordinator, 510-486-4920.


ATAP Address
Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division
Building 71, Mailstop 259
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA+1 510.486.4843 voice
+1 510.486.7981 fax
ATAP Contacts
ATAP Division Director (Interim): Thomas Schenkel,
Deputy Director, Operations: Asmita Patel,
Deputy Director, Technology: Soren Prestemon,