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ATAP By The Numbers

Quantizing and characterizing ATAP circa the Division Review in August 2015 . . .

360: Visitors over the last 10 years

WorldOfATAP_650x285y Accelerators are designed, built, and used by a global community, and we are honored that many of its members want to work with us and visit our labs. ATAP has hosted some 360 visitors and collaborators from all over the world since 2010. Our people, in turn, contribute accelerator facilities and design efforts worldwide.

12 and 28: Postdocs and Students

StudentsPostdocs Building the future requires training the next generation. ATAP hosted 12 postdoctoral fellows, as well as 28 students at levels from undergraduate to doctoral, in 2015 (as of August).

16: Major awards and society fellowships since 2012

18: R&D 100 awards


“The Oscars of innovation” honor the 100 most-significant commercialization-ready inventions of the year. ATAP’s people have been winning them since 1985.

12: US Particle Accelerator School courses taught since 2012
Twice a year, USPAS offers one- and two-week intensive courses that may be taken for graduate credit. We are honored that they repeatedly call on ATAP scientists and engineers as instructors in a variety of disciplines. Two more will be taught in the summer 2016 session.

167: Team science takes a team; that’s the number of players

TeamPicture5Jan2015_500x256y A total of 167 LBNL employees participated in our research and operations circa the Division Review in August 2015. We draw heavily on expertise from elsewhere in LBNL; about a third of our people are matrixed from another division, most of those from Engineering.

Our progress is made possible by our people. With their ingenuity and dedication, we look forward to exciting achievements in our second year.