Berkeley Lab

ATAP Virtual Town Hall, 29 May 2020

Click here for Thomas Schenkel’s slides about ATAP’s re-start plan.

Three questions were asked afterward:

•  What kind of face covering should be worn in a cleanroom?
Answer: The mask normally appropriate to that cleanroom—not the cloth face coverings you would wear in other environments. Because appropriate masks are in short supply, please coordinate with your program to make the best use of them and minimize time spent in cleanrooms.

•  Does the buddy system [Slide 11] require that the buddy be in the same lab, or is another room down the corridor okay?
Answer: There is no need for the buddy to be in the same room, unless required by other safety policies and procedures (e.g., a standby person for electrical work, or some cryogenics activities). If the buddy is out of visual contact, make arrangements to check on each other at reasonable intervals.

•  Does the buddy system require logging?
Answer: no, we are not practicing it at that level of formality.