Berkeley Lab

ATAP News, July 2015

Putting Canted Cosine-Theta To Its First Test Testing the First Full Prototype of an LCLS-II Undulator Pushing the Envelope — The Long, Narrow Envelope — of Ion-Sputtering Coating Volunteer for a Mission to the Adventure Zone Safety: The Bottom Line — Phasing out Job Hazards Analyses and Activity Hazard Documents in favor of WPC Putting […]

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ATAP Newsletter, April 2015

“Can Do” on Canted Cosine-Theta Dipoles In the excitement following the LHC’s discovery of the Higgs boson, several groups worldwide continued with renewed enthusiasm in their efforts to define a future circular collider, beyond even an upgraded LHC in its energy and thus its physics reach. Whatever the details of the next collider (and at […]

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Center for Beam Physics: More Information

Incubator of new concepts and technologies for LBNL, DOE, and beyond Highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, CBP is a central resource for theoretical and experimental innovation serving the accelerator community. Maximizing the science reach of proton accelerators at the frontiers of energy and intensity, and exploring x-ray free-electron lasers, are major themes of our research. CBP […]

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