Berkeley Lab

BCMT in the Time of COVID: A Day in the Life

A photo story from the joint ATAP and Engineering Division Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology and ATAP’s Superconducting Magnet Program shows how we can combine safety and productivity in Berkeley Lab’s staged return to onsite work. Click here for higher-resolution versions and additional photos.

Zoom tailgate meeting
Virtual "basic training" for onboarding new employees and "tailgate meetings" to start the day are tremendously helpful tools for the next normal
Office visit

A safe office visit features social distancing, face coverings
Worker with long superconducting magnet

Long superconducting magnets make social distancing easy
Building 58 discussion of day's work

Planning the day's work with COVID prevention foremost
Socially distanced break

Getting out for a bit of fresh air on a fine autumn day
CW from top left: Eric Esarey, Asmita Patel, Soren Prestemon, Thomas Schenkel

Leadership briefing on the day's events