Berkeley Lab

ATAP Newsletter, February 2015

Click here if you’d like to receive our bimonthly newsletter. The past week brought exciting news to ATAP: the DOE funded two areas of our research through their accelerator stewardship program. One grant will partner us with Paul Scherrer Institute and Varian Medical Technologies to apply our superconducting magnet expertise to beam delivery for cancer […]

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ATAP Newsletter, December 2014

BELLA Accelerates Electrons Beyond 4 GeV

The Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) has boosted electrons to an energy of 4.2 GeV, setting a new energy record for these ultra-compact accelerators.

Glowing plasma in BELLA accelerating structureA 9 cm-long capillary discharge waveguide used in BELLA experiments to generate multi-GeV electron beams. The plasma plume has been made more prominent with the use of HDR photography. (Roy Kaltschmidt, LBNL Public Affairs Creative Services.)

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