Berkeley Lab

Funding Submission Checklists

Please complete the relevant checklist before preparing the Detailed Scope of Work and the budget details. This will help ensure a complete and correct submittal that uses your effort efficiently.

ATAP LDRD Checklist

CRADA Checklist

DOE Checklist

SPP/WFO Checklist

Heads-Up to the Division Office

1. As far in advance as is reasonable, contact ATAP’s Division Director and Deputy Division Director for Operations to discuss your plans. Three weeks before the earliest deadline of the funding agency’s call would be good — note that, depending on the solicitation, whitepapers or pre-proposals may be required before the full proposal.

2. Be prepared to discuss the Scope of Work and Deliverables with your Program Head and Division Director prior to working with Resource Analyst.

3. Provide budget details and begin and end dates to Resource Analyst. Arrange a kickoff meeting for discussion.