Berkeley Lab

Ion Beam Analysis Lab

ATAP operates an ion beam analysis facility that is accessible for a modest fee to both intramural and outside users. The facility, still located in Building 53, Room 008, was formerly operated jointly with LBNL’s Materials Sciences Division. Based on a Pelletron accelerator, it provides a complete suite of capabilities, including Rutherford backscattering, for rapid thin-film analysis utilizing an energetic ion beam.


Becoming a User

For those who occasionally need to analyze a small number of samples, analytical services can be provided by facility staff. Those with more-frequent or larger-volume needs will want to become qualified as Standard Users (who operate and work at the end station) or Pelletron Operators (qualified to operate the entire system, including ion source, Pelletron, magnets, and end station). Click here for details.

For Further Information…

Thomas Schenkel, head of the Fusion Science & Ion Beam Technology Program, is the point of contact for the facility. Please visit the facility website for detailed information regarding its capabilities and terms of use.