Berkeley Lab

Labs in the Time of COVID: A Day in the Life

This photo story appeared in the November 2020 issue of ATAP News. The first in our series, “Labs in the Time of COVID: A Day in the Life,” it visits ATAP’s Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator Center (BELLA) to show how we combine safety and productivity in Berkeley Lab’s staged return to onsite work. Click here for higher-resolution versions and additional photos.

   Availability of close-in parking hints at low-density occupancy

    "Basic training" helps onboard new employees virtually
Tailgate meeting

    Informal "tailgate meetings" when we can't just stop by

    Virtual team meeting starts the day
    In-person discussions feature social distancing, face coverings
The rituals of lunch: outdoor eating and social distancing with a generous safety margin team up to allow safe unmasking
Tony in the laser lab
  Working together (but at least 6 feet apart)
  in the lab takes thoughtful awareness
Masks, social distancing make for healthy teamwork in the control room
Walkthrough checks compliance with coronavirus precautions
as well as pre-pandemic safety matters
   Leadership-team debrief at day's end joins onsite, remote members

Thanks to Rafael Flores for the album and Kei Nakamura, Cameron Geddes, Tony Gonsalves, and Asmita Patel for the photographs.