Berkeley Lab

Operations Team by Function

Picture of Asmita Patel Deputy Division Director, Operations
Asmita Patel
510 486-7021
Picture of Chris Georgiou Program Manager
Chris Georgiou
510 495-2720
Stephanie Chan Senior Resource Analyst
Stephanie Chan
Sunny Chui Senior Resource Analyst
Sunny Chui

Picture of Michele Pixa Program Operations Analyst
Michele Pixa
Picture of Rafael Flores ATAP Administrative Assistant
Rafael Flores
Picture of Michele Harvey ATAP Administrative Assistant
Michele Harvey
Picture of Pat Thomas Division Safety Coordinator
Building Manager
Space Coordinator

Patricia Thomas
510 486-6098
Wes Tabler Administrator
Conference Travel Point of Contact
Wes Tabler
510 486-6710
Joe Chew Communication Coordinator
Websites Point of Contact
Joe Chew
510 612-9116 (mobile)
Ina Reichel Education, Outreach, and Diversity Coordinator
Ina ReichelĀ 
510 486-4341
Picture of Rachel Carl Berkeley Lab Talent Manager
Rachel Carl
510 486-4904
Marcia Ocon Leimer HR Manager
Marcia Ocon Leimer
510 486-4904
Picture of Carolyn Charles Senior HR Division Partner
Carolyn Charles
510 486-6619
Patrick Cheng HR Division Partner
Patrick Cheng
510 486-4304
Rasool Yousufzai HR Recruiter
Mohammad Rasool

510 486-5277