Berkeley Lab

LCLS-II, Free Electron Laser R&D and APEX

Diagram courtesy SLAC
We are collaborating with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Fermilab, Jefferson Laboratory, and Cornell in the Linac Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II) project based at SLAC. Building this next-generation light source poses state-of-the-art challenges in accelerator physics and technology from end to end. LBNL has crucial responsibilities, including the injector source and the two FEL undulator arrays, one each for hard and soft X rays.

FEL Undulators for LCLS-II

LCLS-II_undulator_prototypeThe design and technology of undulators (magnetic insertion devices that produce synchrotron radiation) is a core strength of LBNL Engineering, going hand in hand with FEL physics design in ATAP. This naturally became another major area in which LBNL is contributing to LCLS-II. More >

Advanced Photo-injector Experiment

APEX_logo_200APEX is dedicated to the development and test of a new concept high-repetition rate high-brightness electron injector optimized to operate at the performance required by a high-repetition-rate x-ray FEL. The baseline for the injector design for LCLS-II is the VHF gun of APEX. LBNL is responsible for design, construction and commissioning of the injector. More >