Berkeley Lab

Safety Week 2022: Oct. 31- Nov. 4

Save the dates! Further information will be posted here as our plans develop.

Screen shot of four safety related managers in Zoom meeting

Clockwise from top left: Berkeley Lab’s Pat Thomas and Asmita Patel, Fermilab’s Amy Pavnica, and Brookhaven’s Marteenio Samms are key organizers of the first multi-lab Safety Week

Word is getting out regarding the benefits of Safety Week! It will be a joint multi-lab activity this year, with the High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Program team at Fermilab and the Magnet Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and possibly other Berkeley Lab divisions, joining ATAP Division.

Safety Day/Week has been a successful tradition in ATAP. This year, the weeklong format will allow us a total of a work day’s worth of activities while accommodating hybrid work schedules in an all-hands, all-hazards event.

Throughout the week, ATAP Programs will be setting aside times that work best for them to participate in specific safety activities; including special safety seminars, workplace cleanups and chemical stewardship, workplace self-assessment, and management walkthroughs. Safety themes will be: Housekeeping, On-the-Job/WPC Training, LOTO and Electrical Safety, and Machine Shop Maintenance.