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Multi-lab Safety Week 2023: October 2-6

Multi-Lab Safety Week 2023 final poster

Click for full-size poster (final, rev. 9 October)


To reinforce our focus on safety, ATAP led the Multi-lab Safety Week October 2–6, 2023. Joining ATAP in this annual event were the Engineering Division at LBNL; the Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology (APST) Division and the High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project team at Fermilab; and the Magnet Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Safety Week has become a successful and popular tradition that brings the benefits of housekeeping, an opportunity to complete On-The-Job Training, and focus on learning and education via safety-themed seminars and workshops.

The weeklong format allowed for a workday’s worth of activities while accommodating hybrid work schedules. ATAP Programs flexibly set aside times that worked best for them to participate in specific safety activities. As expected, people worked longer on safety issues that pertained especially to them.





Themes for Multi-lab Safety Week 2023

  •   Housekeeping and Completion of On-the-Job Training
  •   Ongoing Learning and Education
    •   Seminars on Electrical Safety and Fall Protection
    •   SAFE @ Berkeley Lab — an experiential learning workshop

Special Safety Events

•  Monday, October 2, 2023 – 9:30-10:30 AM Pacific Time (PT): Kickoff Meeting with our Senior Leadership Team

•  Tuesday: October 3, 2023 – 11:00 AM – 12 noon PT – Electrical Safety — Lessons Learned – with EHS Division Director Maria Nappi and Subject Matter Experts Ari Harding (LBNL), David Mertz (FNAL), and Eric Johannsen (BNL). Update Monday, 9 October: Slides are available

•  Wednesday, October 4, 2023 – 11:00 AM – 12 noon PT – Working From Heights with Subject Matter Experts Paul Satti (FNAL), Kevin Goodwin (LBNL), and Mike Gaffney (BNL). Update Monday, 9 October: Slides are available

•  Friday, October 6, 2023 – 11:00 AM – 12 noon PT – Safety Week NOT-Jeopardy Game: Getting to Know Your Sister Labs. A fun close-out event hosted by Asmita Patel and Pat Thomas (LBNL), Amy Pavnica (FNAL), and Marteenio Samms (BNL) tested our safety and trivia knowledge!

SAFE Workshops

A special feature associated with Safety Week this year was SAFE @ Berkeley Lab — An Experiential Learning Workshop, with Instructor Joanna Martinez and Facilitators May Estrella, Chris Georgiou, Pat Thomas and Asmita Patel. The third SAFE Workshop was held Thursday, October 5th (9:00 AM to 12:30 PM PT).

We have completed three SAFE Workshops as part of Multi-lab Safety Week. SAFE Workshops required registration and completion of eLearning modules. We hope to offer additional sessions in the future.

Resources for Participants

Checklists and other resources.


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Meet the Organizers

Screen shot of the four main planners of Safety Week

Clockwise from top left, the Multilab Safety Week 2023 organizing committee: Pat Thomas and Asmita Patel, LBNL; Marteenio Samms, BNL; and Amy Pavnica, FNAL



Scenes from Multilab Safety Week 2022

Man (Wes Tabler) putting thing into salvage container
Salvaging excess while maintaining tagged-asset accountability?  Wes Tabler can play it like a fiddle
Jessica Rivas tips e-waste into a bin
Jessica Rivas finds that getting e-waste out of one's office is a pleasure
Liona Fan-Chiang disposes of broken space heater
Liona Fan-Chiang sends space heaters that failed a safety check to a better place
Two women on QUEST inspection: Marge Rowan (l.) and Maria Nappi
Marge Rowan (l.) and Maria Nappi participated in laser-lab management walkthrough
An optical table in BELLA before and after tidying-up
Screen shot of six people on Zoom call
These multi-lab Zoom meetings were fun and productive.  "What is 'Preparing for Not-Jeopardy'"?
Woman (Stephanie Chan) on safety inspection
Stephanie Chan conducts management walkthrough in superconducting magnet assembly area
LHC AUP team at Safety Week
High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project team in magnet assembly area
Cleanup team in B58
Building 58 cleanup team takes a break from their efforts
James Nunez (l.) and Brent Henderson on management walkthrough
James Nunez (l.) and Brent Henderson conduct management walkthrough in HL-LHC AUP magnet assembly area