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Xiaorong Wang, Tengming Shen Named as ASC Board Members

Xiaorong Wang

Xiaorong Wang

Tengming Shen

Tengming Shen

ATAP’s Xiaorong Wang and Tengming Shen have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Applied Superconductivity Conference. The news arrived at the conclusion of the (virtual) 2020 ASC.

They will serve 6-year terms in this executive steering function.

Both are staff scientists in ATAP’s Superconducting Magnet Program who participate in the cross-divisional Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology and the multi-institutional US Magnet Development Program.

“This is an outstanding testament to their stature in the community, and reflects well on LBNL and our role in the broader community,” said BCMT and USMDP Director Soren Prestemon.

The slate of candidates represented the broad areas of interest for the conference. Wang was chosen from the Large Scale Applications area, Shen from the Materials area.

A history of synergy

Held every two years, ASC is among the largest and most important meetings in the field of superconductivity, with some 1600 participants. ATAP has a long relationship with the ASC series. Past ASC Chair Steve Gourlay, the now-retired founding director of the USMDP and BCMT, organized the short courses. ATAP’s Paolo Ferracin, as well as Wang and Shen, were among the short-course instructors, and Ferracin participated in the interactive student career event ELEVATE. Shen was also honored at the event.

Charlie Sanabria, Tiina Salmi, and Emmanuele Ravaioli, all alumni of our strong program of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and visiting scholars, were special-session conveners, and Ravaioli gave a Young Scientist Visions plenary lecture.

BCMT contributed 18 presentations covering a broad range of magnet R&D topics:
•  The High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project
•  Diagnostics and high-temperature-superconductor magnets for USMDP
•  Magnets for ion therapy
•  Interaction region quadrupole magnet for the future Electron-Ion Collider
•  A test facility dipole magnet for fusion energy sciences as well as high-energy physics
•  Cryostat development for the SSRF

Invited presentations were given by Reed Teyber and Maxim Marchevsky at a special session on magnet quench detection and diagnostics, and by Shen at a session on HTS accelerator magnets.

BCMT staff also served on the program committee for ASC 2020:
•  Large Scale Applications: Michael Green, Soren Prestemon
•  Materials: Ian Pong, Tengming Shen

Sholmo Caspi, Paolo Ferracin, Maxim Marchevsky, Ian Pong, GianLuca Sabbi, and Shen served as session moderators.