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ATAP is funded principally by the US Department of Energy. We support their mission by developing advanced particle accelerators and related technologies, and furthering applications of the beams of ions, electrons, and light that accelerators provide.

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Labwide Context

Within Berkeley Lab, ATAP is part of the Physical Sciences Area, under Associate Laboratory Director Natalie Roe. The Physical Sciences Area also includes the Physics, Nuclear Science, and Engineering Divisions.

ATAP was also the birthplace of the Advanced Light Source. The ALS became an LBNL division in its own right, and we remain deeply involved with operations and upgrades of that national user facility.


Career Opportunities, Diversity, and Inclusion

Here are ATAP job openings. To learn how we strive to make this a place of fairness, and opportunity for researchers from around the world, visit the LBNL Diversity website.


Visiting ATAP

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ATAP At Your Service

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