In the Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics (ATAP) Division at Berkeley Lab, we extend the frontiers of science and technology by developing particle accelerators, photon sources, lasers, and magnets to explore and control matter and energy.

Our mission is to advance the physics and applications of particle accelerators and related technologies that produce and control energetic beams of ions, electrons, and photons, creating new capabilities across the physical and life sciences. These capabilities allow researchers to unravel the fundamental forces and particle physics underlying the natural world, support the quest for fusion energy, open new doors in cancer treatment, and drive research and applications that range from carbon sensing and quantum computing to national security. We lead initiatives that advance the Department of Energy (DOE) mission.  

Researchers work in Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator Center at optical table amid green laser beams

ATAP carries forward the two central legacies of E.O. Lawrence and his laboratory: particle accelerators and team science through multiple disciplines working together. Our research leads science and technology in areas of national, DOE, and Laboratory priorities.

L-R: Researchers Tengming Chen, Paolo Ferracin, and Laura Garcia Fajardo examine the windings of a superconducting magnet

ATAP collaborates widely with government and private entities to develop new technologies.

We provide expertise to major accelerator projects worldwide, including the Advanced Light Source Upgrade, the Linac Coherent Light Source II, the Large Hadron Collider upgrade, the Proton Improvement Plan II, and the Electron-Ion Collider.

As part of LaserNetUS, ATAP’s Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) Center provides researchers access to advanced high-power lasers.

We lead the US Magnet Development Program to develop next-generation magnet technologies. We also lead multi-institutional national and international collaborations for cutting-edge modeling and simulations.

Safety, health, and environmental protection are our top priorities in ATAP. We strive to create a culture where everyone expects and practices safety in our work.

We follow Berkeley Lab’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA) principles to attract top talent and foster scientific advancements.

ATAP researcher Olga Shapoval working at a computer

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