ATAP’s work aims to make a real difference in society. Our multiprogram contributions address many of today’s societally significant opportunities, from fusion energy and quantum information science to developing and applying artificial intelligence/machine learning and establishing hardware foundations for quantum information science.

Five scientists, gowned for a clean laser area, discuss recorded beam profiles (spread out on workbench) at BELLA Center’s Interaction Point 2.

Contributing to multiple areas, including superconducting magnets, advanced modeling, and access to high-power lasers, as the public and private sectors explore novel concepts in the resurgent field of fusion.

Conceptual illustration of qubits made in diamond

Applying accelerator expertise to quantum information systems, including an innovative way of mass-producing qubits and a cost-effective open-source control and readout system, and exploring the application of quantum computing to fusion.

Accelerator physicist Dan Wang at a computer where she develops AI/ML techniques for control systems

Exploiting the game-changing potential of AI/ML as a design tool and control-system enhancement is a common theme throughout our programs.