Two scientists discuss computer modeling output that is on a large wall mounted display

Developing and using cutting-edge computing techniques with national and international collaborators to achieve fast and accurate simulations of particle beams and accelerators, plasmas and fusion devices, and more.

Three scientists discuss a beamline at the Advanced Light Source

Designing improvements for this major user facility to maintain state-of-the-art performance and user service throughout its 30-year history, and now working on the ALS Upgrade Project (ALS-U).

End view shows intricate internal structures of a copper Radiofrequency Quadrupole linear accelerator

Developing sensors and control systems to optimize today’s particle accelerators, along with quantum-computer controls, as well as innovative beam-combining techniques for high peak and average power fiber lasers.

Optical equipment illuminated with green light at the Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator Center

Pioneering compact and powerful laser-plasma accelerators and exploring their applications ranging from fusion energy to biomedical research to the long-term goal of a collider for high-energy physics.

Two scientists adjust equipment at the Associated Particle Imaging (API) Test Stand

Applying expertise in particle accelerators and ion sources to fields as diverse as fusion energy, quantum computing, and soil carbon measurement to study global climate change.

Two scientists adjust equipment at the Associated Particle Imaging (API) Test Stand

Leading highly collaborative development of the advanced superconductors and magnets crucial to the performance and cost-effectiveness of future high-energy physics colliders, fusion energy projects, and more.