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Our all-hands, all-hazards, all-day effort made substantive improvements throughout our area. It was also an opportunity to complete On-the-Job Training and review Work Planning & Control activities. Workspaces became organized and efficient, desks got earthquake refuge space underneath, and thanks to some brave volunteers, even the microwave ovens in the breakrooms became clean!

After an intense morning of clean-up came an afternoon of safety assurance. Fifteen Quality Assurance, Environment, and Safety Teams assessed our workplaces; then, 20 senior people performed walkthroughs with the help of 11 locally knowledgeable hosts.

Identified action items were tracked for completion by the QUEST teams. Further walkthroughs assigned and prioritized actions and verified completion.


All Hazards, All Spaces

The primary emphasis was housekeeping, earthquake readiness, proper storage and labeling of chemicals in office, lab, and shop spaces, and completion of training and WPC activities.

All Hands

The expectation was that everyone in ATAP, and matrixed Engineering staff, would participate unless travel had already been scheduled or illness prevented participation in the communal effort.

Advanced Light Source Accelerator Physics staff participated instead in the ALS Division’s Safety Day.

All Day

This was an all-day effort for everyone. The only work performed was cleanup, completion of OJT or WPC activities, QUEST walkthroughs, and other tasks relevant to environment, safety, and health.

The investment of less than 0.5% of the work year gave the benefits of keeping work areas clean and safe for science.