Four companies have been awarded Phase 1 small business grants through the Department of Energy’s Small Business Innovation Research Awards (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs to collaborate with researchers from the Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics (ATAP) Division at Berkeley Lab. The SBIR/STTR programs are intended to help certain small businesses conduct R&D, with projects required to have the potential for commercialization and meet specific DOE mission-specific R&D needs.

The following four projects are funded by DOE High Energy Physics:

Award: SBIR

Company: RadiaSoft LLC

Topic title: Advanced Concepts and Technology for Particle Accelerators

Project title: Accelerator Simulation Framework for Virtual Test Stands

Project summary: Modern software is indispensable to advancing particle accelerator development, but the effective application of these tools requires significant expertise and computational resources. The proposed work will develop a powerful, easy-to-use software framework for guiding accelerator facility design and operation.

RadiaSoft LLC Principal Investigator: Nathan Cook

ATAP Principal Investigator: Axel Huebl


Award: SBIR


Topic title: High-field Superconducting Magnet Technology

Project title: Mechanically-robust STAR® wires for 20-T Hybrid Dipole Magnets

Project summary: A new type of superconductor wire technology that can enable ultra-high field magnets is being developed. This new superconductor wire would lead to high-energy accelerators that will unlock the mysteries of the Universe as well as several commercial products that serve medicine, electronics, energy, environment, and security markets.

AMPEERS LLC Principal Investigator: Shengchen Xue

ATAP Principal Investigator: Xiaorong Wang


Award: STTR

Company: Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC

Topic title: High-field Superconducting Magnet Technology

Project title: High-field CORC Solenoid

Project summary: The development of series-connected, low-inductance HTS insert solenoids that generate 40 T in combination with an LTS outsert is necessary for the U.S. to maintain the world leadership position in high-energy physics and material research and power generation through fusion.

Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC Principal Investigator: Danko van der Laan

ATAP Principal Investigator: Xiaorong Wang


Award: SBIR

Company: Alphacore, Inc.

Topic title: High-field Superconducting Magnet Technology

Project title: Cryogenic Power Control/Drive IC for Quench Protection

Project summary: For this program, Alphacore will develop a cost-effective, fully cryogenic IC critical for detection and protection for high-temperature superconductors used for nuclear experimentation, the medical industry, and commercial fusion, reducing failure modes while enabling various control and status monitoring by a remote power controller.

Alphacore, Inc. Principal Investigator: Nazzareno Rossetti

ATAP Principal Investigator: Maxim Martchevskii


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