The Oakland Unified School District held its inaugural OUSD STEM Fair at Oakland High School. The event, held on May 3, 2023, showcased the best of Oakland students’ science projects and celebrated student achievement in subjects ranging from mathematics and computer science to data science and robotics.

As part of our long and proud tradition of supporting local communities with outreach activities that promote STEM subjects, Ina Reichel, ATAP’s Education, Outreach, & Diversity Coordinator, and Rama Kuravi from Berkeley Lab’s Engineering Division demonstrated the principles of the electromagnetic spectrum through a hands-on activity to excited students at the Fair.

“It was a wonderful event to participate in and an opportunity to meet the students and see their amazing science fair projects,” says Reichel. “Sharing our diffraction grating activity with them is a great way to introduce the electromagnetic spectrum and get them to understand how different light bulbs work.”

The fair was free and open to all OUSD students and their families, with over 1,400 Oakland students attending.