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The new weeklong format accommodated limits on site occupancy due to COVID precautions and allowed everyone to complete their activities during the week.  Safety Week 2021 also expanded through the Physical Sciences Area and the ALS-U Project.


As always, we emphasized good housekeeping and identification of hazards in common areas, offices, labs, and shops. Water connections on technical equipment, chemical stewardship, on-the-job training completion, and procedure review and updating came in for special attention this year.  Cleanup was followed by Quality Assurance, Environment, and Safety Team (QUEST) assessments, then management/safety committee walk-throughs.

Presentations cover classic and new dimensions of safety

The new weeklong format accommodated multiple seminars as part of ongoing learning and education. Furthering the Laboratory’s strategic goals in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA), Safety Week 2021 added a new area of emphasis: psychological safety.  A talk by Aditi Chakravarty, Kelly Perce, and Janie Pinterits taught attendees how to progress “From Bystander to Upstander.” 

A special presentation on chemical stewardship was offered to chemical and satellite accumulation area owners.  

Senior Security Operations Manager Blair Edwards and Emergency Services Department Head James Nunez outlined the future of safety and emergency preparedness, including site security.

Safety Week’s final seminar brought together a panel of experts on a subject on everyone’s mind:  the state of the pandemic and our prospects for the next normal.   Lab Medical Director Timur Durrani, M.D., Environmental Health and Safety Division Director Maria Nappi, EH&S Division Deputy Paul Blodgett, and Health and Safety Department Head Brandon DeFrancisci discussed the status of the pandemic, provided health tips, and answered questions from the audience. 

Everyone was also encouraged to take “ISM 101.” The Engineering Division developed this 20-minute online course to help us all understand the core principles of Integrated Safety Management (ISM) and how its five steps help ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us. The course emphasizes normalized risks in routine tasks and how the principles of ISM apply to everything we do.

Honoring the top achievers of Safety Week

Everyone contributes to the all-hands effort of Safety Week, and some truly stand out.

Wes Tabler, Senior Administrator in the ATAP Division Office

The individual award honored Wes Tabler, Senior Administrator in the ATAP Division Office, as the person most helpful to others in Safety Week efforts. He went the extra mile in contributions throughout the entire Safety Week cycle, from helping make logistics arrangements and assignments beforehand through ensuring good stewardship of tagged property during the event to helping with follow-up on the matters that required additional planning and resources.

Team honors went to the QUEST team for the High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project in recognition of their performance in work-area cleanup and assessment and their commitment to workplace safety.  

Their task involved Building 77A, where various magnet structures and assembly and cable winding tasks were underway. They were selected for this honor by division management after final walkthroughs and reports from all the teams.  The team comprised Al Baskys, Dan Cheng (co-leader), Josh Herrera, Elizabeth Lee, Andy Lin, Mike Naus, Ahmet Pekedis, Carlos Perez, Ian Pong (co-leader), Katherine Ray, Matt Reynolds, Juan Rodriguez, and Mike Solis. 


A fun and thematic finale:  Not-Jeopardy

A Jeopardy-like online game brought the busy week to a lighthearted yet safety-oriented conclusion with numerous fun and educational topics that included environment, safety, and health; operations; and University of California, Berkeley Lab, and DOE history.