With safety as a top priority, ATAP, including matrixed Engineering staff, will hold our Multi-lab Safety Week from October 2–6, 2023. Please save these dates on your calendars to minimize conflicts with Safety Week activities.

Last year’s Multi-lab Safety Week was a resounding success. So, this year, we will again have a joint multi-lab activity, with the High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Program team at Fermilab, the Magnet Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Engineering Division at Berkeley Lab joining ATAP.

Safety Week has become a successful tradition in ATAP. The weeklong format will allow for a workday’s worth of activities while accommodating hybrid work schedules. Multi-lab Safety Week will be an all-hands, all-hazards event with ongoing learning and education opportunities.  ATAP Programs will set aside times that work best for them to participate in specific weekly safety activities. We will be focusing on:

  • Workplace cleanups and self-assessments
  • Utilize the time to complete WPC training
  • Attend safety-themed seminars and SAFE workshops as part of ongoing learning and education
  • Conduct management walkthroughs and have peers review labs, shops, and offices
  • A fun trivia game as the close-out event: Not Jeopardy

Plans will be coordinated with Program Heads and Program Safety Coordinators. (With the Division Director’s approval, programs with significant, unavoidable project schedule conflicts may choose to conduct some activities before the designated Safety Week).

Further details will be communicated soon and found at 2023 Multi-lab Safety. Meanwhile, please be prepared to participate in this highly beneficial investment in safety. We look forward to seeing you there.