The website is ATAP’s public face and calling card and has been roundly praised within and outside the division as outstanding—exemplary, in fact—and high in organizational impact. It elegantly demonstrates the depth and breadth of the division’s research focus, support organization, and people and how the division contributes to achieving the lab’s mission and strategic goals.

To develop the new website, the old site was demolished and completely rethought in terms of structure, appearance, and content to reach a demographically diverse audience. While this proved a mammoth effort, the new website is a blueprint for other divisional and Lab websites as they update their sites.

In line with the Lab’s core value of “team science,” the website is a testament to the power of collaboration. It resulted from cross-functional partnership and teamwork at its best and the culmination of many months of effort from a team of dedicated professionals who worked diligently to create it, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence.

This remarkable effort was led by ATAP’s Deputy Division Director for Operations, Asmita Patel, who worked tirelessly with a core development team and content contributors to ensure the website surpassed its goals. Each member of this core team, including Joe Chew and Carl Williams from ATAP; Pat Tura, Meghan Zodrow, Phil Butler, Jonah Cornish Parker, and Geoff Hamm from the Lab’s IT Division, played a crucial role in this achievement, and their contributions are deeply appreciated.

Content contributor leads included Jeroen van Tilborg, Carl Schroeder, Jean-Luc Vay, Qing Ji, Thomas Schenkel, Arun Persaud, Soren Prestemon, Paolo Ferracin, Simon Leemann, and Fernando Sannibale.

Congratulations to all involved for a job well done!



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