In April, we celebrated Autism Acceptance Month (also called Autism Awareness Month). Autism, a spectrum of unique manifestations, affects individuals’ lives in various ways. Neurodiversity, a concept we embrace, recognizes autism and other developmental or learning conditions, such as ADHD and dyslexia, as differences to be celebrated, not diseases to be cured.

As part of Berkeley Lab’s commitment to raising awareness for Autism Acceptance Month, the Lab’s Neurodiversity Working Group organized a series of events throughout April. These events celebrated neurodiversity and its numerous benefits to our Lab community.

The final event, held on April 30, featured volunteer speakers who shared their unique perspectives in three-minute lightning talks. This inclusive approach, known as “info-dumping,” is a form of communication many autistic individuals enjoy and use to share information about their interests.

Click here to learn more about the events held throughout the month.



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