At Berkeley Lab, we recognize the urgency and importance of Earth Month. We’ve long been involved in science critical to managing environmental and climate issues, including clean fusion energy and other technology development in ATAP.

Efforts to improve sustainability at Berkeley Lab are led by Chief Sustainability Officer John Elliot, who works with partners across the site to:

  • Reduce the Lab’s climate, waste, and water footprint
  • Improve operations and reduce waste
  • Enable sustainable solutions
  • Apply Laboratory research

As part of Earth Month, volunteers from the Lab met at the Shorebird Park Nature Center at the Berkeley Marina on April 20 to help clean up local beaches, bays, and waterways along the waterfront.

Check out Sustainable Berkeley Lab to learn more about the Lab’s efforts to improve our environmental performance, including using electric vehicles and commuting options, recycling, composting, minimizing plastic waste, and reducing energy and water use, as well as our sustainability policy and performance goals.



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