Ergonomic injuries can start slowly but may become severe, chronic, and debilitating conditions over time. At ATAP’s All-to-All meeting on May 24, 2023, the ergonomics team showed how proper workstation set-up and early intervention can prevent such injuries.

The first step to preventing injuries is a self-assessment to identify your risks; to do this, go to, click on Ergo Online Training, and select EHS0054 Ergonomics Telework Training, EHS0059 Ergo Self-Assessment for Computer Users, or EHS0058 Ergo Self-Assessment Refresher.

An ergonomic injury risk factor is a work pattern or condition that increases the chances that problems will occur. Risk factors include:

  • Repetition Motion (e.g., keyboarding, mouse clicking).
  • Sustained/Stationary Positions (e.g., holding your arms or back unsupported for long periods, prolonged sitting/standing).
  • Awkward postures/motions (e.g., wrists bent while using the keyboard or mouse; reaching or leaning forward).
  • Insufficient Rest Breaks (e.g., working more than 1 hour without a break, working long hours).

If you haven’t already, download the RSI Guard software at The software prompts you to take regular breaks and provides tips on various stretching techniques to minimize the risk of injury.

Another common risk factor is working directly on a laptop without using peripherals, such as a laptop riser, monitor, or keyboard. Obtaining the right ergo equipment could save money by preventing injury and increasing productivity. Often, adjusting existing equipment solves the problem.

To request an ergo evaluation of your office or home workstation, click

If you believe you are at high or moderate risk, your Ergo Advocate team can assist by discussing your needs, performing evaluations in person at the Lab or by Zoom, adjusting workstations, and ordering equipment.

The team comprises Pat Thomas (; Jessica Rivas (; Wes Tabler (; and Michele Pixa (

EHS ergonomists who can also provide expert evaluations and recommendations include Jonathan Cabrera (, Melanie Alexandre (, Frank Rosado (, and Ladan Khandel (