ATAP Division Director Cameron Geddes is among those named to the upcoming Particle Physics Prioritization Panel (“P5”).

The charge to the P5 panel, as indicated in these slides from chair Hitoshi Murayama of the University of California-Berkeley and the Berkeley Lab Physics Division, is to develop an updated strategic plan for U.S. high energy physics. The plan will cover a 10-year period of execution in the context of a 20-year, globally aware strategy for the field.

“It is an exciting time for our field, and an important opportunity to assemble a coherent portfolio of projects, programs and science drivers that will help guide US leadership in the field, in coordination with global endeavors.” said Geddes. “This is a great honor and I look forward to working with the panel.”

P5 is a subpanel of HEPAP, the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, which advises both DOE and the National Science Foundation. The previous P5 report, Building for Discovery: Strategic Plan for U.S. Particle Physics in the Global Context, appeared in 2014.

At a kickoff meeting last week, Murayama presented a roster of his panel’s members and a notional schedule for their work.

Cameron’s appointment follows extensive personal, ATAP, and Laboratory participation in the recent “Snowmass process,” a decadal community exercise that develops options for next steps in the field. Key inputs to P5 will include the report (which is nearing completion) from the Snowmass meeting, as well as a “benchmarking” study that HEPAP is conducting to consider the international context of U.S. high energy physics.

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