This year, as Veterans Day fell on the weekend, the Lab held a fireside chat with the Veterans Employee Resource Group’s Executive Sponsor, David von Damm, on Monday, November 13, in conversation with VERG members about the Veteran employee experience, the role that service plays in Veterans’ lives, and the skills that Veterans bring to the Lab.

Joining von Damm was Ayla Quesada, the Lab’s Business Continuity Coordinator for the Security and Emergency Services Division and a US Army Veteran and Coast Guard Reservist; Nick Everson, Deputy of Operations, DOE Joint Genome Institute and US Navy Veteran; Curtis Gomez, Accelerator & Beamline Technology Supervisor, and a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers veteran; and William (Bill) Fortney, Physical Sciences Area Deputy, and US Air Force Veteran.

Click here to learn more about the activities and support the Veterans Employee Resource Group provides.