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The ATAP tradition of Multi-Lab Safety Week is spreading its benefits even more widely this year. Joining us June 11-13 for this series of events will be the ACORN (Accelerator Controls Operations Research Network) Project team at Fermilab and the Laser Safety Office at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as well as our repeat partners, the Magnet Divisions of both Fermilab and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Themes for Multi-Lab Safety Week 2024

  • Ongoing learning and education
    1. Utilize the time to complete WPC training
    2. Attend safety-themed seminars
  • Housekeeping
    1. Workplace cleanups and self-assessments
    2. Management walkthroughs and peer reviews of labs, shops, and offices

All the kickoff meetings and seminars will use the same Zoom address:
Meeting ID: 968 1862 7972

To learn more, read the Multi-Lab Safety Week article in the April 2024 ATAP Newsletter, and watch this space and your e-mail for updates and further details as our Multi-Lab Safety Week approaches. We look forward to sharing this event with you!