The success of our annual Safety Week, which this year included magnet programs at Fermilab and Brookhaven, is built on an all-hands effort, but each year, some stand out for exceptional dedication and the quality of their contributions. To promote ongoing safety-culture awareness and maintain the momentum of Safety Week, we honor an outstanding individual worker and the top-performing team for outstanding safety and organization effort.

Individual Award: Reed Teyber

Reed Teyber, a research scientist in the Superconducting Magnet Program, received the individual award, honoring the person most helpful to others in Safety Week efforts.

His co-workers reported that he more than lived up to his reputation as a dependable year-round contributor to ATAP safety efforts; during Safety Week, he went the extra mile, including leading QUEST efforts in Building 58 and participating in a Management Walkaround in Building 71.

Team Award: BACI

Team honors go to the team representing the laser lab and electronics shop of the Berkeley Accelerator Controls and Instrumentation (BACI) Program for their performance in work-area cleanup and their commitment to workplace safety. Their task involved Building 71-170 and 170A, where a wide variety of laser experiments and related electronics work are underway. They were selected for this honor by division management, after final walkthroughs and reports from all the teams.

Head shots of award winning team

A winning combination for safety. Clockwise from top left: Yilun Xu, Tong Zhou, Russell Wilcox, Qiang Du, Dan Wang, Gang Huang, and Neelay Fruitwala

Award certificate









These honors were the result of pleasantly difficult decisions in assessing the excellent contributions of so many people across the three laboratories. Let’s maintain the momentum on Safety Week’s themes of clean and well-organized workspaces and up-to-date training, and have another year of doing great science safely.