Last year’s Multi-Lab Safety Week was an outstanding success, a testament to our collective commitment to safety. This year, we are thrilled to announce another joint Multi-Lab activity, with the Magnet Division and ACORN (Accelerator Controls Operations Research Network) Project at Fermilab, the Laser Safety Office at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the Magnet Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory joining ATAP.

Multi-Lab Safety Week this year is being held from June 11 to 13, 2024. Based on participant feedback, the event will last three days. Please save these dates on your calendars to minimize conflicts with Safety Week activities.

Safety Week has evolved into a cherished tradition in ATAP, and this year, we are returning to the fundamentals with our theme, “Back to Basics.” This theme underscores the importance of integrated safety management (ISM) and how it can be enhanced by implementing human performance improvement (HPI) principles, which are crucial elements of our work. The week provides an annual safety-culture reset to help raise awareness of the importance of safety/ISM, our Lab’s Stewardship Values, and integration with IDEA principles.

Multi-Lab Safety Week will be an all-hands, all-hazards event, offering continuous learning and education opportunities.  During this 3-day event, ATAP Programs will allocate times that suit them best to engage in specific safety activities, focusing on:

On-going learning and education:

  • Utilize the time to complete WPC training
  • Attend safety-themed seminars as part of ongoing learning and education


  • Workplace cleanups and self-assessments
  • Conduct management walkthroughs and have peers review labs, shops, and offices

All the kickoff meetings and seminars will use the same Zoom address:
Meeting ID: 968 1862 7972

Presenters include:

Jamie King

King is a Certified Laser Safety Officer with over 32 years of experience practicing laser safety. He has served as LSO for NASA-Ames Research Center, Sandia National Labs (California), and is the Laser/NIR Safety Office Lead for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. King is a member of the Laser Institute Board of Trustees. He represents LLNL on the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z136 and serves on the ADCOM, the SSC-1, SSC-8, and TSC-4 subcommittees. He has authored numerous papers and articles, including the DOE Laser Lessons newsletter distributed worldwide. He served as General Chair for the 2023 International Laser Safety Conference. Jamie was the 2019 recipient of the R. James Rockwell, Jr. Educational Achievement Award for his contributions to laser safety and was selected as an LIA Fellow in 2023.

Aaron Potash

Potash is a Certified Safety Professional supporting the Accelerator Technologies & Applied Physics Division at LBNL. He has over 20 years of experience within the safety industry. He has previously served as the EHS Building Designs lead supporting Meta Enterprise EHS, as an Industrial Safety Professional, and as the Deputy Laser Safety Officer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Since 2018, he has been heavily involved within the Human Organizational Performance community and values learning firsthand from those who perform work and science.

Paul Satti

Satti is Fermilab’s work planning and control/training manager. In his three years at the Lab, Satti has led WPC/training programs, including a monthly WPC subpanel, subcontractor onboarding “boot camps,” and new employee safety orientations. Before his current position, Satti worked for a non-profit safety training organization associated with the network of OSHA education centers. He brings nearly 30 years of experience applying industry standards and best practices. With newly acquired knowledge of human and organizational performance, he has a vision of incorporating good work planning and control practices into the fundamentals and skills of every profession.

Firoza Zanoni

Zanoni is the Chief Operating Officer and ESHR Group Manager for the ESH Directorate at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Long Island, N.Y. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources and a Master’s in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety and is a certified safety professional (CSP). Zanoni has been at BNL for approximately twenty-three years, providing safety and industrial hygiene services. Before BNL, Firoza worked in the hazardous materials consulting industry in NYC. She manages a staff of eighteen ESH Representatives deployed across the laboratory site and assists in BNL and ESH operational initiatives.

James Newman

Newman is the Human Performance Improvement Manager at Berkeley Lab, where he oversees and implements strategies to enhance the performance and productivity of the lab’s workforce. His role involves working closely with employees and management to identify areas for improvement and develop initiatives that optimize individual and team performance. He collaborates with various departments and stakeholders to design and deliver training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions to enhance skills, knowledge, and overall performance.

David Kestell

Kestell is the Department Head for Environment, Waste, and Radiation Protection in the EHS Division and the Radiological Control Manager for Berkeley Lab. He leads a competent team of EHS professionals and technicians who provide diverse services and operate mission-enabling facilities for the Laboratory. Kestell has worked at LBNL for 20 years, starting as a field health physicist in the Radiation Protection Group, supporting researchers to perform their work safely.

Wayne Schmitt

Schmitt received a Bachelor of Science in physics and a Master of Science in health physics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and has been a certified health physicist since 2006. He has served at Fermilab for 35 years, where he’s had the opportunity to support experiments at the Tevatron collider and as a radiation safety officer.  In his current role, Schmitt oversees various ionizing radiation shielding and measurement efforts and is the Radiation Analysis Department Head in the ES&H Division.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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