Continuing our longstanding tradition of community outreach to promote STEM subjects, ATAP’s Education, Outreach, & Diversity Coordinator, Ina Reichel, and Advanced Modeling Program Project Scientist, Olga Shapoval, joined forces with Alex Kim from the Physics Division and Ian Lacey from the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley Lab. Together, they engaged students with the principles of the electromagnetic spectrum through an exciting hands-on activity at the Fair.

“It was great to participate again and have the opportunity to meet the students and talk science with them,” says Reichel. “We demonstrated a diffraction grating by having the students look at three different light bulbs, an incandescent, a fluorescent, and an LED, and then describe what they observed and how their observations are connected with the electromagnetic spectrum.”

The STEM Fair was a free and inclusive event open to all OUSD students and their families.



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