This July, CrowdStrike Falcon (or simply CrowdStrike) will replace Sophos as the Lab’s antivirus software. CrowdStrike enables the detection and remediation of emergent threats while using fewer system resources than Sophos and other traditional antivirus solutions.

ATAP Deployment using BigFix is scheduled for April 24, 2023.

  • CrowdStrike Install Instructions
    • Reminder: Read installation instructions carefully
    • Windows users with “Active” BigFix installed will automatically receive CrowdStrike and remove Sophos
    • Windows users with “Passive” BigFix will need to install it manually as agreed upon with users that IT would never modify “Passive” systems
    • Mac users will need to install CrowdStrike manually due to Mac security permissions
  • CrowdStrike Information
  • CrowdStrike Privacy
  • CrowdStrike FAQ

To make sure any computer you are using (in the lab, office, or shop) has the CrowdStrike Falcon installed, follow these instructions:

For Windows and Mac users, CrowdStrike is available now from if you wish to install it yourself. Please review the installation instructions before installation. CrowdStrike is only licensed for use on Lab-issued computers.

For more information about CrowdStrike, please visit the FAQ page at

If you need help with the installation contact the IT Help Desk:

Don’t delay, upload CrowdStrike to your computer now to ensure you are protected!