The Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program, a unique initiative sponsored and managed by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists in collaboration with the DOE National Laboratories, is designed to inspire and guide undergraduates from two- and four-year colleges, post-baccalaureates, and graduate students towards rewarding careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

SULI interns who joined the lab in January included:

(Left to Right) Jeroen van Tilborg, staff scientist and deputy head of experiments at ATAP’s BELLA Center; Francisco Wulftange, SULI Intern; and Hai-En Tsai, research scientist in BELLA, make adjustments to the optics on one of the lasers. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

Name & affiliation: Francisco Wulftange, University of San Diego
Project title: Design and Implementation of a Probe Laser Line for BELLA
Mentors: Jeroen van Tilborg and Hai-En Tsai
Quote from intern: “During my time at BELLA, my mentors Hai-En and Jeroen have taught me to become a better experimental physicist. Being a part of the SULI program also allows connections with other scientists. At the BELLA center, everyone from graduate students to research scientists is welcoming and excited to help me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be around the world-class researchers and facilities ATAP and Berkeley Labs offer. Thank you to Laleh Coté and the rest of the WD&E team for making this such an enjoyable experience.”

(from left):  Axel Huebl, research scientist in ATPA’s Accelerator Modeling Program (AMP); Sarah Vickers, SULI Intern; and Arianna Formenti, postdoctoral researcher in AMP, discuss the results of a simulation developed by AMP. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

Name & affiliation: Sarah Vickers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Project title: Contribute to GPU Particle Accelerator Software & Simulations
Mentors: Axel Huebl and Arianna Formenti
Quote from intern: “This internship has allowed me to dive into a topic I had been interested in for the past couple of years: laser-plasma interactions and applications for fusion energy. The expertise and range of the WarpX team have made working with them a wonderful experience, and I am grateful to my mentors Axel and Arianna for helping me to learn and grow as a researcher.”

Hailang Pan (left), SULI Intern, and Tong Zhou, staff scientist at the BELLA Center in ATAP, adjust a laser table set up. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

Name & affiliation: Hailing Pan, University of California, Berkeley
Project title: High-power laser shaping for laser-plasma accelerators
Mentors: Tong Zhou and Jeroen van Tilborg
Quote from intern: “My most significant accomplishment was developing an innovative method to homogenize a 45 femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser source, achieving a top-hat beam with exceptional uniformity and transmission. This project honed my technical skills in laser physics and taught me the importance of precision and innovation in research. It prepared me for future challenges by enhancing my problem-solving abilities and deepening my understanding of practical applications in physics.”

Qing Ji (left), staff Scientist and head of ATAPs’ Berkeley Accelerator Controls & Instrumentation Program, and Carter Dickinson, SULI intern, work on simulating the effect of temperature-dependent contact resistance in REBCO cables and magnets. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

Name & affiliation: Carter Dickinson, University of California, Irvine
Project title: Impact of temperature-dependent contact resistance on current sharing in REBCO cables
and magnets
Mentor: Qing Ji
Quote from intern: “The SULI program has allowed me to work alongside seasoned staff scientists on challenging and unique projects, and I’m grateful to Berkeley Lab’s ATAP Division for inviting me to contribute to the next generation of accelerator technologies.”


If you’re interested in applying for the SULI program, you can find all the necessary information and the application process by clicking here.



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