At our All-to-All meeting on January 30, 2024, Anastasia Palmer, an administrator in ATAP, presented a talk on wellness and learning resources available for researchers and employees at the Lab.

The presentation started with a question familiar to most of us-

Q: Do New Year’s resolutions work for you?

A: If you’re like many people, the answer might be “not so much.”

A more effective approach may be shifting your mindset to intentions for the year. Check out the following resources to get you started:

For further resources on health and wellness at the Lab, check out Healthy & Well at LBNL. For information on the health and wellness events organized by the Lab, check out the Healthy & Well at LNBL Events Calendar.

Additional learning resources for employees and supervisors and self-directed learning resources can be found at Learning Programs & Services.

Palmer also took the opportunity to reflect on IDEA principles, quoting IDEA strategist Arthur Chan:

Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice. Inclusion is an action. Belonging is an outcome.


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