Researcher adjusts knobs on equipment while working on diagnostics for superconducting magnet

Researcher works on diagnostics for a superconducting magnet.

High-performance magnets have been vital to many DOE-supported science priorities for decades, so naturally LBNL has developed multiple areas of magnetics expertise. ATAP’s Superconducting Magnet Program and Engineering Division’s Magnetic Systems Department together make a formidable team of scientists, engineers, and technical staff capable of delivering on major projects and research for science applications. Now they work under the aegis of the BCMT, an ATAP-led joint venture with Engineering Division.

BMCT encompasses expertise in a spectrum of magnets—permanent magnet arrays, normal-conducting and superconducting electromagnets, pulsed specialty magnets, and various hybrid designs. It offers an unparalleled “mesoscale to magnet” capabilities that are vertically integrated from the underlying materials science up through magnet design, fabrication, and testing.

Two employees assemble a long superconducting magnet in the shops.

Assembling a superconducting magnet. A deep partnership between SMP and Engineering Division is one of the strengths of BCMT.

Our goal is to serve as the go-to laboratory for state-of-the-art magnetic systems throughout the DOE Office of Science. BCMT seeks to identify areas where we can provide unique capabilities and expertise through materials and magnets beyond the proven state of the art. We emphasize magnet systems that enable new scientific capabilities beyond the capabilities of industry. In this way, the DOE and the US get high leverage from initial investments.